Church History

Semaphore Uniting Church was built in 1867 as a Methodist Church. The beautiful bluestone came from the ballast that came from ships during the 1800’s.

In 1977 the church became part of the new Uniting Church in Australia.


Our pipe organ, built in 1870 in England, which has been previously out of service, has undergone restoration!!!!  Over the years our organ has needed repair and finances prevented us from being able to fix it. HOWEVER…recently we were blessed with a very kind donation to have our organ restored to work again. We currently use the pipe organ to play all the songs for all our Sunday services.


Built for the Rippon Lea at Hotham Street Elsternwick Melbourne, the home was sold upon the death of the owner in 1903 and Semaphore Methodist church purchased the organ for 275 pounds plus another 254 pounds for cartage and installation. It was unveiled on Setember 15, 1903. The organ was built by P.C. Conacher and Co. Huddersfield England. It’s specifications a 3m.,, 5c., tr.Gt:  Sw:  Ch: Ped: 16.8. In layman’s terms that means it has three keyboards each with 56 notes and the pedal board contains 30 notes. There are 17 speaking stops, 5 couplers and a total of 986 pipes. The largest pipes are approximately 8 feet long and the smallest pipes are one half inch. There was an electric blower installed in 1929. During the power restrictions of the war years, the young men of the church were called upon to power the organ  but were unable to sustain sufficient power to allow the pedal organ to be used. We are very excited to be able to share this amazing organ with you, why not come and enjoy hearing it play again at one of our services soon!

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