Sunday Cool Kids Church

20150208_105603At Semaphore Uniting church we have Sunday Cool kids church for children 4 – 12 years of age. Younger children are also welcome as we have a play area set aside with toys in our new ‘PLAY ZONE’.

In Sunday Cool kids church the children learn about God, the Bible, themselves and our community while having fun as well. We use games, craft activities and teaching to help them learn while having hands on fun.

All our teachers for kids church a have a passion and a heart for the children and want to see them involved and active, and to feel that church is a great place to learn and grow in God and to feel safe and able to ask questions and talk about their experiences as well.

20140921_103931Some of the activities we have learned are:

  • Making a universe to learn about how big God is.
  • Making fathers day cards to learn about God the father.
  • Doing science experiments to learn about weather and storms in the Bible.
  • Learning about prayer and making a prayer hand to help remember how we can pray.
  • Learning about what gives praise to God and what doesn’t.
  • Learning about love and making door hangers that remind us to show love to others.
  • Making prayer sticks with our prayers written on them to remind us about praying.
  • Making angel wings with people’s names on to show God’s protection for us.


Our Sunday Cool Kids Church Co-ordinator is Coralie Loftes.

16508154_1256118847808101_6360776580243633056_nCoralie has an 10 year old son and has been involved with creche and Sunday School for 7 years. She has a real heart for the kids and enjoys teaching them and seeing them learn and have fun too. Coralie and her team of 6 volunteers, use a variety of resources to tie the Sunday School lessons in with the preaching each week. All lesson’s are designed to teach the children an important message and are also interactive with lots of craft, games and communication with the children. At the end of each lesson, the children can volunteer to share with the rest of the congregation what they learned and made which helps to build their confidence and also involve the rest of the church in what the children are learning.

Please note: Children’s safety is extremely important to us. All our volunteer children’s church helpers have undergone a police check for the protection and safety of the children.




2014-07-04 12.18.19PLAY ZONE

A mum’s idea born out of frustration of what to do with her young children while the service is on, we designed this amazing play-zone for babies, toddlers and older children. The play zone has a great variety of toys for kids of all ages, that the children can enjoy using during the service with parent supervision. Parents have found this area extremely helpful as a safe place for children to play and be entertained leaving the parents free to enjoy the service.





Why not come and share in the fun and learning with us soon.

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